I graduated with a Master of Science (Diplom-Physiker) from the elite graduate program in physics at the University of Regensburg and the Univerity of Erlangen–Nuremberg, Germany. My main field of study was elementary particle physics.

Thesis: Lattice QCD test of the hypothesis of an effective restauration of chiral symmetry for hadron resonances

The thesis can be downloaded here (PDF, 82 Pages, 0.8 MB).

To answer the above question, properties of the constituents of the nucleons' parity chiral doublet have to be calculated using lattice quantum chromodynamics (QCD).

Lattice QCD calculations require the inversion of a discretized version of the Dirac operator—in my case a matrix with 1.5 million rows—and thus can only be performed on high performance computing clusters.

I extended preexisting Fortran programs that used MPI for parallelization and ran them on the 3000 core Athene cluster at the University of Regensburg.

Prior to this thesis I completed the following two introductory projects:

Calculating the tensor charge of the nucleon using lattice QCD
(PDF, 22 pages, 0.3 MB)

Parallel inversion of the dirac matrix
(PDF, 14 pages, 0.2 MB)